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Java puzzles and games

This site is formed in Japanese except a few contents.
Only the heads marked with " [E] " contain English pages.

  • Japanese Kanji Puzzle "Kanji-nuke jyukugo"
    "KanjiBlankPlayer" version 1.1

  • Sudoku
    "SudokuPlayer" [E] version 1.4(update)

  • Kakuro
    "KakuroPlayer" [E] version 1.3

  • SlitherLink
    "SlitherLinkPlayer" version 1.8

  • all direction type block destroying game
    "FullDirectionBlock" version 1.1

  • undress tetris
    "SeeThroughTetrisoid" version 1.3

  • jigsaw puzzle
    "MultiPatternJigsaw series" version 1.3

  • absurd shooting game
    "the adventure of Kubomaki" version 1.4

  • searching in three dimension world
    "the adventure of Kubomaki 2" version 1.3

  • four dimension puzzle
    "the place in which memories are sleeping" version 1.2

  • Applet only(Java)
  • Paint by numbers
    "LogicApplet series" version 1.7

    "NumberApplet" [E] version 1.3(integrated into "SudokuPlayer")

  • Kakro
    "SumApplet" [E] version 1.2(integrated into "KakuroPlayer")

  • Useless Java works
  • text editor
    「TakanaText」 version 1.4

  • stopwatch and timer
    「TimeManager」 version 1.0

  • a templete for puzzle application
    「SamplePlayer」 version 1.0

  • Other language works
  • Paint by numbers software for windows(C++)
    "LogicLand" version 1.6

  • novel type adventure game(DynamicHTML)
    "the wing of Yoko" version 1.0-1.1 rewriting A

  • lottery game("Tukuru")
    "Yukari and one summer day"

  • showing creative stories by CGI(Perl)
    "StoryViewer" version 1.3

  • Studies Puzzle questions Extra Others
    Java No.1
    Java No.2
    Java No.3
    Java No.4
    Java No.5






    jigsaw puzzle

    SUDOKU [E]

    Kakro [E]

    Paint by numbers

    block destroying game

    Screen savers

    puzzle magazine "nikoli"
    simplified "Kakuro" chart

    puzzle magazine "nikoli"
    "Pencil Puzzle" Board

    "Tukuru" works

    Flash works

    Creative stories

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    Link2(user's site)


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